PEPA-Bay General guidlines

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PEPA-Bay General guidlines

Post  Russell on Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:02 pm

Hello everyone,

At the request of our esteemed colleagues, we now have a separate section of the forum dedicated to the buying and selling of non-book items. This is perfect for anyone who is leaving and wants to off-load any unwanted items, or perhaps you could try to make money here, but it probably won't be very lucrative...

Please try to put some details in your ads, such as:

Name of product
Condition (e.g. new, used, badly worn)
Age of product
Any guarantee on it
Small description (e.g. colour, shape etc)
Ideally a small picture

If you're having trouble putting a picture up here, please mail me the advert and the picture and then when you post your advert, I can go to your post and add the picture!

Take care


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