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cricket practice

Post  yak on Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:24 pm

hey guys not really to do with pepa but thought still would be good to use the site.
going to be starting cricket practice hopefully again not this friday but the next friday ie the 10th. would want to play outdoor but its too cold so gunna do it at the usual hall... anyone who hasnt been before we are going to leave neredin about 5pm on friday so you can join us if you want to come.
it is at the old language department... the hall is free so we dont need to pay anything.
for those who are new and are interested, we started a cricket team last year very quickly... and played in two indoor tornaments one in prague and one in brno, the brno one actually had televsision coverage well kind of i think u can see either lal or salman slightly in the background. anyway both were great! we actually came back with winning a shield in the lower group knockout tornament thing last year, and we had only just started playing so werent at our best...
this year i wanna start early get practice so we can win the prague tornament hopefully therll be one, and at least qualify for the hgiher division one in brno, because based on the little time we played last year i think we have the potential of an ok team. Also im trying to get a team form birmingham uni down at some point to play several games indoor on some weekend. Another aim i want is as we are starting practice early is to be able to play outdoor games come spring time weather providing of course. But again starting early will allow us to play alot mroe matches. So to sum it all up i ahve lots planned and everyone girls included are more then welcome friday 10th and hopefully every week after at about 5.30 leaving ner about 5 Smile anyone who is interested let me know reply on here email me or whtever just let me know so i have rough idea on numbers:)
hope to see u there! Smile


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