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Post  Russell on Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:51 pm

Dear Medics,

This Forum is brought to you by PEPA (Palacky English Program Association).

This forum was created so everyone can share information, find out current news, and vote for things ranging from your favourite books, to your new PEPA president.

We would like to make PEPA respond to your needs, and this is the place where we can all inform each-other about any important events, information etc.

The most important task for us is to find out your opinions and requests, and respond to them to help you in any way possible.

Now that I am in my sixth year of study here, I would like to leave something for the other students to benefit from before I leave. That is why I set up this forum for us. I enjoy finding solutions to problems, such as when I brought us free boxes when we needed to move (big thanks to Nuwan and Adam for their help in that).

Being able to speak Czech has allowed me to obtain more information, and to persuade authorities to give us more benefits (such as when I obtained the Sklad rooms for our belongings).

Having lived here for six years has allowed me to meet several innovative, hard working people, and with their help I hope we can prevent you from facing the difficulties that we faced when we first came here, and enhance the education you receive.

Finally, this forum is useless without your contributions. The registration process is totally secure, your email addresses will not be seen or used by anyone you choose not to share it with, and within seconds, you can register, allowing you to access and share valuable information about our Medical Faculty and Olomouc.

Thank you for visiting, and please return for regular updates of polls, events and news.

Kind regards,

Russell Perera,

6th year student of General Medicine, Administrator of PEPA's forum

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